About Us

Our Story

The concept for the Mount Horeb Community Education Center, or MHCEC, initially came about by way of parent responses to decisions that were being made around how to implement school for Mount Horeb Area School District (MHASD) students. The COVID-19 pandemic was significantly impacting the course of the 2020-2021 school year. Parents were expressing concern about being able to adequately support their students in the virtual learning environment. Working parents were worried about what they were going to do about leaving their children to go to work. Yet others lamented the loss of the social and physical benefits that their children would be lacking without in person school.

A local resident had an idea and a few local citizens – an MHASD administrator, a business owner, an MHASD school teacher and the resident made a plan to pursue the idea of supporting working families of student youth during the upcoming school year. Together they developed the Family Survey for Student Out of School Time to formally collect an assessment of needs and start planning a response.

The Family Survey sent out in early July 2020. Approximately 450 families completed the survey, representing just under 800 students. Five areas of need were identified after analyzing the survey results:

  • Virtual Learning Support
  • Social Emotional Connection
  • Physical Activity and Wellness
  • Mental Health Supports
  • Nutrition Insecurity

The survey also yielded a generous list of parents interested in serving the community by participating as Board Members for the newly forming non-profit.

Kimberly Anderson, Board President

Ed Jones, Vice President

Christine Kuzdas, Chairperson

Jack Medford, Treasurer

Jon Bauer, Member at Large

Jason Anderson, Member at Large

Expediting the formation of the organization, an existing local 501(c)3 charter that was not currently in use but remained active, was renamed and repurposed so that the Mount Horeb Community Education Center (MHCEC) could be officially established on July 27, 2020. Since that time, students, families and community members have benefitted from a variety of  services and activities. 

The MHCEC discontinued services in January 2022.